Knowledge of German

Nurses need knowledge of German


Learning the German language is one of the first steps in order to be able to work as a nurse or geriatric nurse or nurse in Germany. In all German companies in the field of nursing or elderly care there is a need to be able to communicate in German.
But even if the employer or the law would not require knowledge of German, proven German language skills at levels A1, A2, B1 are always a plus in applications and in your CV. Reason: German language skills show commitment and additional motivation.
It is possible to take German language courses in the country of origin or in Germany, often with a special focus.
German language skills are mandatory in the nursing profession in Germany. If you want to work in Germany as a geriatric nurse, or better: a nurse, you have to provide proof of language proficiency from a recognized provider, something from a Goethe-Institut or a telc-certified institute. Depending on the federal state, B1 or B2 according to the European Framework of Reference is necessary.

The same applies to working as a doctor.

German for spouses

Knowledge of German is also important for future spouses who want to stay in Germany permanently and do not come from the EU, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Iceland.
Subsequent spouses must already demonstrate basic knowledge of the German language when applying for a visa. This requires a country of origin to attend a German course. Normally, knowledge of German at level A1 of the European Framework of Reference is sufficient. If you take a German course at the Goethe Institute, A1 corresponds to the Start 1 course. Of course, it is also possible to acquire German language skills yourself and then take an exam with a provider approved for this purpose.
The Goethe-Institut website provides an overview of your own examination locations and dates. Further providers of German courses and German exams can be found on the telc website.

Spouses of an EU Blue Card holder do not have to prove German language skills when applying for their visa.