Volunteering in nursing and elderly care in Germany

A voluntary social year (FSJ) or the federal voluntary service (BFD) in the field of nursing or elderly care is also possible for foreign nationals from non-EU countries.

The volunteers receive appropriate pocket money for their commitment and, if agreed with the deployment site, accommodation, meals and work clothes. In addition, they take part in 25 years of training during a one-year service. During their service, they are members of the German statutory pension, accident, health, nursing and unemployment insurance. The relevant contributions, both the employer’s and the employee’s share, are paid by the employment agencies.
There is no age requirement (in the BFD), only compulsory schooling must be fulfilled.

A comprehensive knowledge of the German language beyond basic knowledge is not a requirement for the participation of foreign volunteers and depends on the requirements of the job sites. Since language acquisition is essential for the success of the voluntary service, language courses are usually part of the voluntary service.

Women and men from abroad can be granted a residence permit in accordance with Section 18 of the Residence Act specifically for participation in a voluntary social year. The residence permit is usually issued for the entire duration of the voluntary service. In addition, pursuant to Section 52 (7) of the Residence Ordinance, fees can be waived if the voluntary service serves to safeguard significant German public interests. With a voluntary service in nursing, this is certainly the case given the nursing emergency. The diplomatic mission has discretion as to the amount of the fees. It can completely refrain from charging fees. since the entire stay is funded by public funds.

Steps for a voluntary service or a voluntary year in the field of nursing or elderly care in Germany

1. Search for a volunteer service in Germany

Entry for free in our job exchange nursing / elderly care

2. Apply for a visa

3. Enter Germany

4. Apply for a residence permit at the German immigration office

Voluntary service in the field of geriatric care or nursing can be the start for vocational training in Germany.

Anyone who already has professional training in the field of nursing or elderly care can also work in Germany as a member of a non-EU state without any problems.